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Personal Worship

Just like eating at a buffet once a week is hardly enough for a healthy diet, hearing God's word once a week is far from sufficient for our weekly spiritual diet.

It is our intention to equip Christ-followers to "feed" themselves on God's word throughout the week. This section is just one way we'll attempt to do this.


YouVersion is an online Bible (many versions avail) + Journal + Community built around God's word. You can get a free account here.

Divine Mentor Bible Reading Plan


Echo Prayer is a handy prayer reminder. You can create a repeating prayer list that shows up in your email inbox with requests that you want to be reminded of throughout your week. You can get a free account here.

Other Tools

How to write your testimony (faith story) in 5 clicks.

Bible Reading Plans from

Bible Reading Plans from NavPress

Bible Reading Plans, Daily devotional, Knowing God personally, and first steps to spiritual growth by Purpose Driven Life.

Tools for family devotions or family night Bible activities through Heritage Builders

 Watch/listen to our weekly messages shared by Darien Gabriel, Ken Dorrity, Chris Karpus and others here on