Ideas for Parents

We make plans for our finances, jobs, home purchases, finances, vacations,... but do we make plans for one of our biggest blessings? Our children!

Contrary to many opinions, parents still have a tremendous influence on their children. Below is some ideas you can incorporate into your plans for your family.

Movie Night - Pick a movie to watch together. If unsure about content (child friendly or teenager), check out plugged-in online or preview it. Some of these have links to the movie home page.

Strive for Five - Plan to sit down and eat a meal together as a family five times a week.

Date Night - Be sure to leave time for you and your spouse to connect. One of the best things we can give to our children is a healthy marriage.

Plan and Go on Family Vacation - Great time to unplug from routine and invest in family.

Family Devotions - Gather together and read from God's Word. Talk about it with your kids. Ask questions. Take prayer requests and take turns praying.

Prayer Journal - Write everyone's name on the day you are together. Write down the requests from each person. When the requests are answered, share with the family. Helps kids see that God is active and they can trust Him. It is also fun to go back a year(s) later and see what everyone was praying for.

Go Through ApParent Privilege with Your Home Group in 2020 - A great four week series you can do with your home group. See Ken for details. The book with the series is ApParent Privilege by Steve Wright.

Family Worship - Read Scripture together. Sing a song (someone can play piano, guitar,...) or pick a song and sing with the CD or iPod. Pray. Let the kids select the song or Bible story. Build spiritual memories your kids will one day look back on and be encouraged. May they do these with their children, your grandchildren.

Go on a Mission Trip Together (Father-Son, Mother-Daughter,...)

Serve Locally Together - Serve a local charity or needs-based ministry together. Mission Charleston coming again June 2020.

Read a Book on Parenting - There are a lot of good books on parenting. Pick one and begin.

  • Bringing Up Boys - James Dobson

  • Boys Passage, Man's Journey - Brian Molitor

  • Bringing Up Girls - James Dobson

  • Girl's Passage, Father's Duty - Brian & Kathleen Molitor

  • For Parents Only - Shaunti Feldham

  • Youth Culture 101 - Walt Mueller

  • Rite of Passage - Jim McBride

  • Parenting - Paul David Tripp